BuckleMeUp | Wireless Seatbelt Safety System

Know the INSTANT a passenger unbuckles during your journey.

BuckleMeUp® is a revolutionary device that quite simply helps save lives.

BuckleMeUp is an app enabled seatbelt reminder and alert for passenger cars that pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth and it's as easy to install as an e-tag.

Just stick it on the seatbelt buckle.

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BuckleMeUp lets you know via a FREE app with an audible and visual alert when a passenger unbuckles in the rear seats of any passenger vehicle. Once alerted you can take action to ensure they buckle up again.

In addition to keeping passengers safe and buckled up, the BuckleMeUp app will also alert you that there is still a passenger buckled in the back seat after you have left the vehicle.*

The BuckleMeUp device is suitable for passengers aged 4 years and up, that are old enough to sit in a booster or rear car seat.

The BuckleMeUp app is iOS and Android compatible and can be easily downloaded from the AppStore and Google Play - free of charge.

Set up time with BuckleMeUp is under 2 minutes.


* Bluetooth range is up to 30m. Bluetooth is most effective at the 10m range depending on the environment. Learn more about Bluetooth

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Take care of your passengers.

BuckleMeUp is a wireless, easy to install and low cost seatbelt alert safety system that operates via Bluetooth on your smartphone.

Using the free BuckleMeUp app, it lets you know that your passengers are safely buckled up, leaving you free to concentrate on the road ahead. Just set and forget.

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Easy Install

PLEASE NOTE: These steps need to be completed for each individual cartridge, one at a time

  1. To get started download the FREE BuckleMeUp app.
  2. Firmly slide the activation switch located on the underneath flat side of the BuckleMeUp cartridge.
  3. Adhere the double-sided tape to the flat side of the BuckleMeUp cartridge, covering the activation switch.
  4. Thoroughly clean seatbelt buckle surface. Adhere the cartridge to the flat underside of your seatbelt buckle with the thick end overhanging the seatbelt buckle. Once the cartridge is stuck on engage the seatbelt.
  5. Go to the Home page of the BuckleMeUp app and click "Set Up" then click "Start Scan" then click "Connect". Now click on "done" to Select a Device. Go to the Passengers icon to view status of seatbelt(s).

Did you know?

76.4% of drivers with children in the car will either try to keep an eye on them in the rear view mirror or even turn around to check.
50% of parents reported at least one of their children had managed to unbuckle their seatbelt at some point. 40% did so while the car was moving.
INSIDE OUT Contrary to popular misconception, more children are seriously injured as passengers in cars compared to pedestrians on the road.
(Centre for Road Safety, Transport for NSW, 2014).
MUMS SAY Of all the mothers surveyed as part of the BuckleMeUp usability study conducted in 2014, all of them could personally recall a time when their own child unbuckled their seatbelt without permission.
28% In Australia, approximately 28% of drivers and passenger fatalities in car accidents were not wearing seatbelts
(ATC-NRSS 2011-2020).